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All About French Bikini And Brazilian Wax You Need To Know

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All About French Bikini And Brazilian Wax You Need To Know

Waxing has got many renovations to itself. There are different types of waxing these days prevailing in the market. Some of the most common are – Brazilian waxing and the French bikini. And these might sound quite tempting but you must research better you jump to the parlours to avail these services.

So, here is all that you need to know about French bikini and Brazilian waxing.


1.Brazilian Waxing –

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Brazilian waxing is one of the most common types of bikini waxing being done all over the world. As per the name suggests Brazilian waxing is mostly done by bikini lovers. Girls who love a clean and clear skin when they wear bikini go for this hair removal method.

Do you know that Brazilian waxing is also known as Hollywood waxing??Brazilian waxing involves removal of all pubic hair right from the pelvic region, vulba, labia, perineum and anus.

Brazilian waxing involves removal of all your public hair. So, for this you need to be completely naked down there and also it is one of the most painful methods. So, hold your heart strong before you opt for this hair removal method.

2.French Bikini –


This is one of the variations of Brazilian waxing but not as bold as the former one. Here you are not deprived of all your pubic hair. You are left with a bit of hair between your butt area and that looks incredibly sexy some times.

This type of wax is made from the mixture of beeswax and tall oil whereas for the normal waxing synthetic waxes are used.

In this waxing method, you don’t need to go all bare and spread your legs and be at the dispersal of salon staff.

It is perfect for beginners. And you can continue doing French bikini until the time you get comfortable and decide to go all bold and bare for Brazilian waxing.

French Bikini is not safe during pregnancy. It is because the increased sensitivity makes the experience more painful.

Some brownie tips:


1. Scrubbing

Make sure that you scrub nicely in the private area before and after waxing. This will remove all the ingrown and small hair and thus make the process much more clean and smooth.

2. Breathing technique

Inhale when she applies the wax and exhale as she removes the strips. Control excess movements while she is waxing.

3.Plan beforehand

This is a golden tip. Don’t go for a waxing session just before your big day. Give yourself a time for at least 5-7 days.

4.Post care


Don’t apply any alcohol based product. Try to apply natural aloe vera gel or coconut oil at the waxed area. This will prevent any redness or irritation.

So, now we believe that you have got all the knowledge about French bikini and Brazilian waxing. So, what are you waiting for?? Get ready to embrace new sensations in your body.

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